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Can a non UK Resident get a mortgage?

Can a non UK Resident get a mortgage?

Yes, Foreign Nationals or British non-UK residents (British expats) are able to secure a mortgage on a residential or commercial property in the UK. There are a great number of lenders willing and able to lend. Finance can be secured both on property that you or your family will use as a base in the UK or on property that you intend to rent out. Our minimum loan size for foreign nationals and British expats is £150,000.

It can be hard securing a mortgage for a foreign national or Expat

Securing a mortgage in the UK when you're a resident in the UK is hard enough. When mortgage lenders want to know everything about you from your age, marital status, sex, income, outgoings etc.

Not to mention the paperwork that's needed: often 3 months bank statements, pay slips, proof of deposit, ID and bills with your address.

Then we have the added complication of you are a non-UK resident expat living in a country many miles away with no real way of meeting with a local mortgage broker and the task becomes even more difficult.

This is where we come in. We have been working with British expats and foreign nationals to secure mortgages on UK property for many years, with over 33 years in the industry.

G Force Mortgages have focused their efforts on assisting clients resident abroad to secure finance on UK property. We have dedicated time and energy into developing a service that that is second to none in securing mortgages for non-resident British nationals wanting to finance property in the UK.

The difficulties in securing a mortgage for foreign nationals and Expats

Let us do all the hard work so you don't have to. Our service for British expats and foreign nationals financing both residential and commercial property in the UK is the best we can make it.

We look forward to working with you and helping you secure a mortgage.

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