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Expat Mortgages in the UK

Mortgages for Expats buying in the UK

Many British Expats working and living outside of the UK, want to purchase a property back home as an investment. They are often keen to keep a foothold in the UK property market especially when house prices in the UK have generally been rising.

Obtaining a mortgage as an Expat is not always easy. We are experienced in helping UK Expats living or working abroad buy property in the UK.

As always with non-standard mortgage requirements, by far the best way to find a suitable choice of mortgages is by going through an independent adviser.

Independent Mortgage Adviser

Being independent, we have access to the whole mortgage marketplace, including mortgages that are only offered through brokers where often the best deals can be found.

If you are an Expat buying property in the UK whilst living or working overseas, we can help find the right mortgage for you. We can also help with the financial planning related to your mortgage.

G Force Mortgages are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are Independent Mortgage Specialists. We have the ability to search the whole UK market, including deals that you will not find on the high-street. Let us help you find an expat mortgage that meets your needs.

G Force Mortgages Ltd helping UK Expats living or working abroad buy property in the UK.